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 Looking to start boxing? Or just trying to improve? Welcome to Top Glove Boxing, where we dive into the fundamentals of boxing while incorporating dynamic bag work, mitt drills, and footwork exercises. This class is your gateway to mastering the art of boxing, enhancing your skills, and unleashing the inner warrior within you.

In this class, we focus on laying the foundation for your boxing journey. Learn the essential techniques, stances, and movements that form the backbone of this timeless sport. Our experienced instructors will guide you through a comprehensive program designed to build your confidence and proficiency in the sweet science of boxing.

Experience the power of bag work as you throw punches, combinations, and develop strength and precision. Mitt drills add an interactive and dynamic element to the class, allowing you to practice your skills with a partner under the guidance of our skilled trainers.

Footwork drills are an integral part of Top Glove Boxing, helping you move with agility, balance, and grace in the ring. Whether you're a beginner or have some boxing experience, our class is tailored to accommodate all skill levels, providing a supportive environment for improvement.

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